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Tulane University Law School, 2023–2024 and 2024–2025: Legal Research & Writing

  • Course content: Techniques of legal problem-solving, researching and drafting legal memoranda and briefs through a series of progressively more complex writing assignments, and an oral argument before an appellate moot court

  • My role: Teaching two sections per year as a Forrester Fellow

Prior Courses

Wesleyan University, Spring 2023: Introduction to Human Rights Standards

  • Course content: An overview of the philosophical, legal, and practical bases of human rights, as well as the current state of human rights norms, institutions, and politics

  • My role: Giving seven lectures and five review sessions, as well as grading response papers and the final exam, as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Yale College, Spring 2021: Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human Rights

  • Course content: The theoretical foundations of human rights, the emergence of a global human rights framework and its operation, and the development of international criminal law and regional human rights systems, as well as current debates within human rights

  • My role: Leading two weekly discussion sections, lecturing on regional human rights systems, and grading as a Teaching Fellow in the Political Science Department

Yale Law School, Fall 2019: Feminists in the Law Reading Group

  • Course content: An introduction to feminist critiques of law school and the legal profession

  • My role: Designing the syllabus and leading discussions as an Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism

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